6 Week Check

So my little baby girl is 6 weeks and I have loved and enjoyed quality bonding time at home Being a new mum is the most incredible experience - I never knew a love like this existed

Today I start my detox and my journey to getting back in shape I know it's gonna be a long road, but with clean eating, a bit of exercise everyday and setting myself small SMART goals I'm confident I will get there

My 1st 3 goals are: 1) Drink 3litres of water a day 2) 1hr walk everyday 3) 30mins exercise everyday and stretches

I ideally want to lose around 3stone to get to where I'd like to be but for me it is more about my dress size, body shape and how I feel than what it says on the scales.

Everyone is different and it can take up to 6 weeks for a women's uterus to shrink down back to it's normal size - and you can actually feel it too as I got tiny cramps when it was contracting down!

So I've enjoyed my rest but it's time to get back to business

Watch out for my progress and I may even need some motivation from you guys but for now here is my motivation photo