3 Ways To Start Exercising When You're Carrying Extra Weight

It’s a plus-size predicament: You need to exercise to lose weight, but your heaviness can lead to injury. Joint and foot pain are common problems. A recent survey of 6,000 adults linked high BMI with foot and ankle woes. What’s a heavy exerciser to do?

Go Slow Start with just 10 minutes a day. As activity becomes more comfortable, aim to accumulate a half hour to an hour of activity every day.

Mix It Up Try non-weight-bearing activities such as cycling and swimming to give your joints a break.

Stretch It Out Stretching is the best way to avoid the common heel pain known as plantar fasciitis. Stand an arm’s length from a wall. Place one foot behind the other, keeping heels down and knees straight. Bracing with your arms, lean into the wall so that you feel your calf stretch.

Dannielle x