Every Body Tells A Story

This week Loose Women launched their Body Stories campaign. The TV presenters stripped off for the campaign showing unairbrushed stretch marks, cellulite and all the battle scars of life and it struck a cord with me.

So I took to facebook and shared my Body story and photo and got a crazy response. Other women liking, commenting and messaging me sharing their stories and thanking me for inspiring them. Women contacting me saying how I’ve made them feel normal and to learn to appreciate the body they’ve got rather than constantly stress and put themselves down about the body they want.

Then Loose Women shared it on their show on Thursday. I couldn't believe it. So here's my story:

One which took me a bit of courage to do but has had such an amazing response. Last Tuesday I was working from home and had Loose Women on in the background when I heard about their Body Stories Campaign.

I've actually wanted to do this for a while but never had the courage to do it which is strange coz I wouldn't say I lack confidence but having a baby definitely changed the way I feel about my body.

I suppose I've always had body issues. I was really tall as a child and always been athletic so always seemed bigger than everyone else. I went to dance college where everyone was stick thin, and even though now I look at photos of me then and think I was so small, at the time I felt fat. But I was just toned. I’ve always had muscly legs, so jeans were always hard to buy. Too tight on the leg or too loose on the waist. And don’t even get me started on boots.

I put on a lot of weight towards the end of my pregnancy, (when I stopped teaching my classes about 34 weeks) but Silva was only 6.2lb born. And it came off so slowly, yes I could've eaten better, trained more, but my priorities changed and I just wanted to enjoy my time with her. I went back to teaching after 4 months and the weight started shifting a little, but not what you'd think for a "fitness instructor". But now I give myself some credit, I raise a family, run a business and although I do have family who help out and look after Silva, she's not a nursery yet, we do days out and activities and I'm scheduling in my own workouts

At one point, I did but a lot of pressure on myself but then I started to relax about it and now are noticing the benefits. Even though I haven't changed much on the scale, i have definitely noticed it in my clothes. I've dropped 2 (nearly 3) dress sizes, they're looser and on Saturday I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans Waist 28 and was so happy. I go Ibiza in 10days and although I've still got a way to go, I'm happy where I am for now.

But no matter what it is, or who it is, everybody has a hang up about something, something they want to work on, improve. It’s about working on accepting your flaws and being happy in yourself. You can still have goals, but remember life is about balance

So there it is... My Body Story What's yours?